Dear Internationals,
We are a group of students in the StuRa who are committed to the interests of international students as well as to international networking. We advise foreign students, for example, on problems with health insurance and student financing, we organize an international dance course and we work together within the university in the interest of the students. Contact or join us:
We would like international students to feel welcome here. (Even if they only participate in the online teaching). For this purpose we collect what is offered for internationals at our university:
The University

Student Council (StuRa)

The Student Council (short "StuRa") is your student representation at the TU Dresden. At present, about 30 students are volunteering at StuRa and work for all 30,000 students on campus. In addition to the student councils of every faculty (FSR), which are responsible for issues concerning individual first-semester-programmes, we are also important for student co-determination and the shaping of campus life.

Events for your study programme

Some of the courses for your degree programme are compulsory courses, so you should definitely attend them. These are where groups are divided up, important announcements are made or material is distributed. But the other events are also worthwhile to meet new people from your programme and to get an overview of the campus and your studies. For example, there are campus tours or events for building a timetable.

On the website of TU Dresden you will find a link to the events for your course of study. Some of the pages also contain the dates of the student council, but not always. That's why we also have a list of the event pages of the FSRä.

Buddy Programmes: Alltogether and more

Offerings of the Studentenwerk (student services)

University Groups

  • Navigatoren:
    "Hello there! Are you interested in speaking German, hanging out and playing some games? Then join us for Sprachcafé every Friday at 5 p.m. Everyone is welcome:
    We at AIESEC are a leadership organisation operating in over 120 countries, offering social projects and internships to people between 18 - 30 to provide them with an intercultural exchange in a challenging environment.

  • Folklore Tanzensemble "Thea Maas"
    The folklore dance ensemble will start thenext folklore dance course on 05.11.2020.
    Here you will learn the basic steps of polka, waltz, mazurka, rheinländer and turner as well as their application in interesting and varied dances:
  • FUN - WOMEN ENVIRONMENT NETWORK (Frauen-Umwelt-Netzwerk)
    FUN provides a platform for discussing the challenges that women face in everyday life at university, seeking solutions together and developing options for action. The FUN organizes a regular regulars' table, which enables the exchange between the female actors of the different faculties. In addition, seminars, excursions and workshops provide the framework for educational programs on gender equality issues.
  • The protestant student congregation (Evangelische Studentengemeinde - ESG) has a broad programme for the whole semester. Especially for internationals there will be an evening around Christmas in English in December. Find the semester programme here!
    9th of December - Quizzing through Christmas (online)